is an independent telecoms service provider that has been offering voice and data services to the business market for over 15 years.  Focused on voice, data and Internet services by making maximum use of converged Internet Protocol (IP), we help support businesses on a national basis through practical solutions that are designed around the specific business needs and priorities of our customers in the region. We serve over 1,100 business customers around South Africa. With our growing reputation and increased capacity, we have recently been able to attract business customers at a national level, providing fully integrated voice telecoms services to all branches throughout SA.


In 2011, Biztec rolled out its first carrier grade wireless network. The network has allowed Biztec to self-provide telecommunication access services that were previously provided by the incumbent fixed line Operator. We also provide Internet services as well as data connectivity between offices. As a result, Biztec is one of the few companies able to offer its customer’s end-to-end telecommunications services, from network services right through to the customer’s PBX telephone systems and handsets.


We primarily utilise the Alcatel-Lucent product range for delivering voice services. Internationally recognised as a leading telecommunications company, Alcatel-Lucent provides robust, high quality and technologically advanced equipment. The flexibility and scalability the range, means we can service complex, multi-site complex installations serving thousands of users to even the smallest SME offices seating just a couple of people. The Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX office system range are internationally award winning PBX systems ideally suited for small and medium enterprises that we believe make up the majority of companies in our region. These are more than just switchboards – they provide the business with a complete telecommunication solution, bringing all the advantages of digital and the internet into the business environment. These PBX solutions support a rich and innovative range of value added services creating a convenient and efficient internal telecoms environment: • Messaging • Voicemail • Conference calling • Auto-attendant • Integration with mobile phones • Video conferencing • Telephone monitoring and management systems • VOIP gateways In particular, the Omni PCX system range has market leading strengths in the areas of VoIP, unified communications, Call Centre solutions and high-end telephony services. The Omni PCX can also be integrated with your mobile phones, extending your office environment into a mobile environment. In addition to Alcatel Lucent, Biztec support a range of proven ancillary equipment and devices ranging from UPS, voice loggers, network switches, telephone management systems, handset & headsets which seamlessly integrate into our core Alcatel-Lucent voice equipment.  

VOIP Network

Biztec has the one of the longest track records in providing Voice over IP telephony services. With nearly 10 years’ experience in the VOIP market, Biztec has perfected the application of this powerful cost saving technology to the extent that customers are assured of call quality and reliability. We manage a well-established and stable VoIP interconnect network that carries calls to fixed lines, the mobile operators and all international destinations. Using Voice over Internet (VOIP) through a variety of phone systems ensures the customer realises monthly telephone costs savings of a minimum of 30%. In addition, we bill customers on a per-second basis as opposed to per-minute which is currently the norm, resulting in further costs savings. Biztec will analyse your monthly bills and provide you with solutions that will ensure you minimize unnecessary Telecom costs. There are significant savings we can offer customers in terms of their monthly line rental and on Internet / Data costs.

Industry leading PABX systems from Biztec

Having an effective telephone network in place is integral to your business's communication and efficiencies.

Biztec offers a complete suite of office communication equipment - products such as PBX, PABX, VoIP, headsets, voicemail, answer machines, conference phones, IP, DECT digital and cordless phones. Whether you're running a call centre or an SME company with internal communication needs, Biztec will tailor a PABX solution to suit your needs.

Our expertise in service and maintenance sets us apart from the rest. And, with our team of qualified technicians and telephonic support looking after you, Biztec is confident that you'll be happy with our service.

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Advantages of using Biztec PABX

An advanced call server

  • The integrated call center put calls through to the right person. The Supervisor Console and Statistic Manager analyse call traffic flow to maintain high-quality service
  • Personal assistant greets callers efficiently and professionally
  • Voicemail and call screening fields filter your calls for you
  • Calls can be recorded on-line for you

A wealth of models and peripheral interfaces

  • Ergonomic and intuitive to make your life easier
  • Icons that morph into other icons according to what you’re doing and pop up on your screen to save you time
  • Call management and teamworking with group supervision on your terminal or on your PC via PIMphony
  • DECT handsets DriveKey™ - equipped to navigate faster

Total mobility

  • DECT wireless handsets so you're always in touch on site
  • Remote Access Server – teleworkers can use their PC as a phone and enjoy all the advantages of being at head office

Cost efficiency

  • Wide range of metering solutions keeps you informed and in control
  • Automatic Route Selection routes calls using the cheapest method every time
  • Full IP – you'll save on costs by mixing voice and data over the same line
  • Remote sites share head office capabilities

Reliable connectivity and fast file transfer

  • All the solutions you need to keep you connected for less
  • Your branch offices benefit from the same services as your head office
  • Standard CTI interfaces (CSTA and TAPI) are open to a whole raft of applications–enabling you to set up a contact center, for example
  • LAN infrastructure connects your PCs with all the power of an integrated auto-sensing 100BaseT switch
  • You get LAN services to run your LAN
  • A DHCP server automatically configures the IP addresses for your PCs and IP phones
  • A file server provides a common and private directory enabling your employees to share files and data

Advanced business communications

  • All your employees share a single fast internet access
  • All access functions are in the box: fast internet access router, firewall protection, proxy server for control, web and DNS cache for optimum performance, remote access, intranet server–you name it
  • It's open to a large number of applications–ready to host services like fax and anti-virus detection and protection, and with designed-in flexibility to adapt to your existing environment
  • VPN capability provides you with secure communications between your main office and remote sites/remote workers via the net
  • An intranet web server keeps your employees up-to-date with company news and information

A single in-box for everything

  • Unified messaging: everything–voicemail, e-mail, faxes–on just one easy-to-use user interface. (Get e-mail and you can send and receive documents, text, data and images around the office and around the world–instantly.)
  • Multimedia web messaging: Alcatel Web Communication Assistant to access your voice messages and e-mails using a regular web browser. This "lightweight" solution can be accessed from within the company as well as on the road.

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Biztec PABX features:

  • An integrated, modular, state-of-the-art communication server that supports advanced TDM and IP business-class telephony
  • Complete, user-friendly voice communications including embedded voicemail, personal assistant, automated attendant and integrated CTI server
  • Supports analog, digital, IP and mobile phones and PC softphones
  • Pre-announcement: on-hold music and messages
  • Automated attendant: voice-activated management of incoming calls
  • PIMphony Basic PC telephony (upgrades to PIMphony Pro and PIMphony Team also available)
  • Call-forwarding: automatic transfer of incoming calls
  • Automatic call distribution: call-routing software
  • EasyContact Call Center (can be upgraded to OmniTouch Contact Center Office)

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Telecoms auditing services from Biztec

Having an effective telephone network in place is integral to your business's communication and efficiencies. Nowadays, businesses are not just looking for streamlined business processes and communication channels, but cost-effective solutions as well.

Through our innovative thinking and appropriate, industry-leading technologies, Biztec have saved some of our clients up to 30% off their monthly phone bills.

Our team of telecommunications experts will look at your existing communication infrastructure and see where we could improve your communications and help save you money. Simply studying your land-based system bills, for example, will help us spot the holes and decide on a solution, tailor-made to your needs.

What's more, we do our best to take the jargon out of telecoms, so you know what you get and you understand what you're paying for.

Biztec is partnered with industry-leading technology suppliers and products - ensuring you’re getting the very best telecommunications solutions. Our business is built on our relationships with multinational technology leaders, who recommend us as a partner of choice.

Let Biztec help you take the 'hell' out of 'hello'.

If you're looking for a complete office solution, contact Biztec on for a comprehensive audit of your land-based telecoms system. No jargon. No bull. No problem.

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Biztec's market-proven voice logging solutions

Biztec offers a market-proven telephone recording and management system, widely used in all sectors of business, industry and emergency services.

Why you need a voice logging service

The telephone continues to be the primary means of communication with customers, suppliers, and other business contacts, and most companies continue to rely on the phone for a high proportion of turnover. A business telephone call can therefore contain information as important as that in any fax, letter or email, but unlike these 'black and white' communications which are diligently archived, a telephone call is often subject to memory alone.

In terms of the law, a verbal contract is no less binding than a written one, but enforcing a verbal undertaking or agreement requires proof of what was stated (or not stated).

In large financial services organizations it is therefore standard practice to record all telephone calls, as the reduction of risk is of primary importance in this business sector. And until recently, it was only these large organizations which could justify the investment required for a voice logging system.

The Biztec Log system takes advantage of the latest advances in computer and IT technology to provide a product which is affordable across the entire business spectrum, and an increasing number of companies are enjoying a competitive advantage through the use of this technology.

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Biztec Log system features:

  • Compatible with all PBX systems
  • Monitoring of live calls across the LAN/WAN/Internet VPN
  • Email alerts for specified calls and 'trigger' events (e.g. excessive call cost, duration, ring time, etc)
  • Call management, traffic measurement and routing analysis to enable optimization of telecoms cost structures in any business
  • Supports any combination of trunk and extension IP channels, primary rate / basic rate ISDN, analogue lines and two-way radios
  • The most comprehensive search criteria and easiest call retrieval in the industry
  • Recording solutions ranging from large server-based systems handling hundreds of lines, down to a single line solution using a customer’s own PC or Laptop

What are the business benefits of a Biztec Log system?

A Biztec Log system works continuously in the background, recording every telephone call into and out of your business. With the enormous data capacity of hard disk drives available today, it can store several years of a company's telephone calls on a single hard drive.

Consider the advantages of being able to play back any telephone call which has taken place in your business:-

  • Any authorised PC user can have immediate access to their own calls, heads of departments can play back all calls within their departments, and top management can have access to all calls across the enterprise.
  • Any user can annotate a call with relevant comments for later reference, and these comments can be viewed and edited by other users who are authorised to access the call.
  • Finding a specific call is as easy as entering its details in a user friendly program on your own computer, and the system will retrieve it across the network in seconds. Using a Biztec Log system, you can find and review a telephone conversation with the same ease as that of an email.

As a starting point, a Biztec Log system addresses the following basic requirements:-

  1. Confirmation of:
    • Orders placed
    • orders received
    • Information provided
    • Instructions given
    • Undertakings and promises made
  2. Resolve misunderstandings and disputes (the classic "He said, she said" scenario)

Once a Biztec Log system is installed, the office telephone system becomes a fully validated communication medium. All business which is conducted on the company telephone is securely archived and can be easily verified at any point in the future.

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Product Elements Value proposition of Fibre versus Copper First of all, telephone wire is over a century old. The actual way a phone works is that old too! The copper phone wire has very limited bandwidth. It was designed to provide 3,000 Hz bandwidth, perfectly adequate for a voice signal. The modem has to play some pretty sophisticated games to get higher bit rates over the limited bandwidth of the POTS (plain old telephone service) line. Fibre links offer over 1,000 times as much bandwidth over distances over 100 times further.   Advantages of Choosing Fibre over Copper Cable
Fibre optic cable is one of the most popular mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications. Fibre offers a number of advantages over copper.  
Speed and Distance
Because the fibre optic signal is made of light, very little signal loss occurs during transmission, and data can move at higher speeds and greater distances. Fibre distances depend on the style of cable, wavelength and network.
Your data is safe with fibre cable. It doesn't radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. If the cable is tapped, it's very easy to monitor because the cable leaks light, causing the entire system to fail. If an attempt is made to break the physical security of your fibre system, you'll know it.
Immunity and Reliability
Fibre provides extremely reliable data transmission. It's completely immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cable. The core is made of glass, which is an insulator, so no electric current can flow through. Copper, on the other hand does carry a current and could cause a fire concern if it is old or worn. It's immune to electrometric interference and radio-frequency interference {EMI/RFI}. You can run fibre next to industrial equipment without worry. Fibre is also less susceptible to temperature fluctuations than copper and can be submerged in water.

Biztec Wireless

There are numerous advantages of self-providing telecoms over our own wireless network:
  • Provides rapid connectivity to customer premises without having to rely on the fixed line Operator.
  • Control quality of service. The declining quality of the incumbent’s ADSL services is affecting many customers’ internet services in many areas as result of too many customers being put on the ADSL network.
  • Reduced downtimes: Copper theft, an increasing problem is not an issue when provided by wireless technology. Further, being a local company we able to respond to faults rapidly.
  • Remote management: Whereas a copper based fixed network requires maintenance staff to attend to faults on site, wireless network lend themselves to remote fault diagnostics which means better uptimes and quicker fault resolution.
Our wireless network seamlessly integrates into our Alcatel product range, whether it is for VOIP telephone services, internet or even point to point data circuit (Diginet) services.

Uncapped Internet services

Biztec offers uncapped and unshaped internet services, one of the few providers that do so, at prices similar to capped services. We believe our customers should be able to utilise as much data as they wish without having to be concerned about ‘caps and top-ups’. This means a customer pays a fixed price no matter what they use.

Biztec Data Circuits - A more affordable way to connect office branches

Businesses use data circuits (commonly known as Diginet lines) to connect branches or offices. The Biztec Wireless network is able to provide point-to-point dedicated data circuits at reasonable prices. These circuits can be provided at any capacities requested by the customer and are furthermore back by Service Level Agreements that guarantee uptimes and throughput speeds.



Biztec Cyber Security is an innovative and rapidly evolving department supported by a highly professional and competent team. Biztec produced its first white paper in 2008 on internet abuse within the workplace.  In today’s ever-changing cyberspace it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest threats. At Biztec we aim to keep on the forefront of combating the ever-changing threats and vulnerabilities, equipping businesses and other entities with cutting edge technology and processes to identify and protect themselves with tailor made solutions that consider the specific needs of all Stakeholders concerned. Our main aim is to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) by managing and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities to detect, prevent and deter attacks on your network. Biztec has co-developed an exceptional Firewall alongside international developers that have deployed the Firewall on a global scale Biztec firewall has remarkable features such as:
  • Layer 7 Encryption
  • Monitoring the usage of the Devices on the Network
  • Monitoring what these devices are doing on our Client’s Networks
  • Essentially giving power back to the Stakeholders.
  • Packet shaping
  • Time based rules for social media and other applications down to the individual user.
  Biztec’ s Computer Forensic Department is a Scientific-based entity focused on the bit-by-bit scientific process of identification, seizure, acquisition and analysis of evidence found on Computer based media, either in Incidence Response in Intrusion Investigations, or in Fraud, Employee Disputes etc. Biztec’ s Cloud Back Up Solutions offers a safe and secure way for Businesses and other entities to access their valuable data with easy-to-use tools.  The storage is as good as it is reliable, and it meets the POPI/PoPIA Standards.
  • It allows FULL control of user rights and permissions.
  • Complete control over your business data, user and computers.
  • Unlimited file retention or versioning
  • Administrator can see what data has been shared, viewed, downloaded and deleted.
  • Track user activity right down to the time, source and date.
  • Detect insecure practices.
  • Archive user profiles or machines that have left the organization – goes to cold storage.

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